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Need a Camera Crew in Los Angeles?

Interviews, Documentaries, Premieres, Crime Shows, Awards Shows, Stand Ups, EPK's, Parties, Reality, Medical, B-Roll 

Two Person (Camera/Sound) ENG Video Crews

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We provide broadcast camera crews in the Los Angeles area. We shoot segments for entertainment shows like Extra, EPKs, interviews, b-roll, stand ups, set visits, and behind the scenes, red carpet and arrival lines, and various shoots for PR firms, corporate clients, and others. While our camera crews generally work in two person teams of camera man and sound mixer, we can also send out a videographer solo for smaller b-roll shoots.


Our professional video crews have been covering celebrity events, award shows, concerts, and set visits for over 20 years in the LA area. Our Videographers cover the Oscars, GLAAD Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globes, and too many movie premieres and press junkets to list. Our camera crews also cover many smaller shoots in the Los Angeles area. We are centrally located in the heart of Hollywood and we're able to get a professional camera crew out the door at a moments notice. When Harrison Ford's small airplane crashed in 2015 we had a camera man on site shooting interviews, b-roll and stand ups within the hour for the entertainment show Extra

Many of our shoots are with celebrities from movies, TV, and music. Our video crews are always professioal while still being friendly, outgoing, and getting the shots you need. If you are looking for a cameraman that will keep your clients happy, you've come to the right place.

Interview tv crew   Sean and Jerry Penacoli  


Check out the links at the top of this page for specifics on our gear, rates, demo reel and more. There are a lot of camera crew los angeles so its good to know what you're getting from us if you're doing video production los angeles. We spend time prepping every shoot to ensure it goes as smooth as possible. Things happen fast in eng video production and we know our clients can't have delays on our end.         Camera Crew Los Angeles
Crash Video Productions was started in 1995. Back in the 1990's most of our video production was for MTV, VH-1 and Inside Edition. Inside Edition was huge back then because of the OJ simpson case. A few years later we we're shooting shows for the Travel Channel including America's Best Beaches & Caribean's Greatest Resorts. These shoots were fun but also a lot of work. It's not easy setting up camera gear on beaches. In recent years the bulk of our work has been in celebrity entertainment segments.         Photos / Reel
Our Los Angeles camera crews generally work in two man teams of camera man and sound man. The camera man is in charge of the lighting and composing shots. The sound man of course does sound, but he is also a camera assistant setting up lights and helping with batteries, media and everything else. In some cases the camera man goes out solo as a "one man band" when the shoot has no sound or very basic audio. It takes the camera man longer to set up without the help of the sound man.         Contact

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Camera Crew Los Angeles

Professional Camera Crew Los Angels Video Production Los Angeles Camera Crew Los Angeles
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We shoot mostly on these cameras for video producion los angeles. Sony F800 XDcam and Sony FS7 4k Professional Camera



Hire a Camera Crew in Los Angeles

If you're looking to hire a professional camera crew in Los Angeles there is no shortage here. It's important to have the best cameraman for the type of shoot you are doing. Some videographers specialize in weddings and events while other camera crews specialize in Eng video production, shooting b-roll, sit down interviews and arrival lines. If you hire professional cameraman in Los Angeles he's most likely skilled in a wide variety of shooting conditions. We at camera crew los angeles provide videographers for just about everything.

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So what type of video production are you shooting in LA? We find that most tv segments involve lots of b roll and sound bites. The sound bites or dialogue for these segments either comes from a lit sit down interview or standing on the fly interviews. Generally we arrive at the location and coordinate with the field producer what to shoot first and plan the next few hours. Often we set up the lighting and shoot the sit downs interviews first and then shoot the b-roll after.


We provide Broadcast Camera Crews in the Los Angeles area. HD Crew or High Definition Crews are available to shoot on HD, HDV or P2.

Pal Cameras available upon request. XDcam and xdcam PAL format. If you are shooting in HD we can provide a camera man with HDV, xdcam, P2 and other HD formats.

History of Camera Crew Los Angeles Crash Video Productions

In 1995 Michael Levine created Crash Video Productions with one professional Los Angeles camera crew competing against the many video crews shooting for larger production companies. TV crews in Los Angeles were generally put together by large companies because the cost of betacam gear was expensive. After a few years shooting mostly for MTV and Inside Edition Crash Video expanded to use other skilled Videographers for their eng camera crews. These TV camera crews were always two man crews. One camera man and one sound man and all the beta gear. We soon earned a reputation for being able to quickly send out a professional video crew at a moments notice. These TV crews would shoot B-roll and interviews mostly along with movie premieres and event arrival lines and other video production shoots in Hollywood.

Currently our camera crews in Los Angeles shoot on XDCam HD discs and card based cameras. We shoot primarily on the sony PDW700/800 HD cameras and the sony FS7 super 35 4k camera. We are contracted to shoot for TV shows, PR firms, and other productions companies in Los Angeles. We are still able to send out a professional video crew at a moments notice. Whether you need an HD Crew, b-roll crew, or just a camera man in Los Angeles you can count on us.

Sometimes its confusing because there are so many different ways to say camera crew Los Angeles. Among these are eng camera crew, eng video crew, b-roll crew, HD crew, HD camera crew, or just professional camera crew. If your camera man los angeles it get confusing deciding how to list what you do. You can call yourself a los angeles cameraman, DP, or shooter.

Our video crews are based in LA, but we often travel outside Los Angeles for shoots.

We provide: Camera Crew LA, TV Crew LA, TV Crew Los Angeles and camera man los angeles.



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